DieterBakicDesign is a family owned, international branding and design agency established in 1996. We pursue a holistic design and innovation approach - the integration of

  • brand strategy
  • product design
  • packaging design
  • corporate design
  • communication & promotion
  • product development

to provide for an unique and memorable product’s and brand’s experience.

We are specialized in cosmetic and beauty brands and hold an implicit understanding of the international cosmetic market that helps us anticipate successful brand designs and innovations. However - all kind of brands are our passion.


  • we help you to build unique and memorable identities
  • we shape values and attributes and craft the brand’s core that embeds its right to exist
  • we develop enticing stories and images that anchor in the minds of your consumers
  • we design the brand’s structure, iconography and communication and therefore transform it into an experienceably product


A brands value proposition is a well-defined framework on which the entire brand strategy and communication builds.
In our workshops we use profound methods to explore the nature of brands, strengthen the relationship with important target groups and define unique identities. the result is a consistent brand personality, which unfolds - inspires - thrills.


Our strategic design workshops support the holistic marketing concept. We help you in all disciplines to create specific solutions, long-term perspectives and future scenarios for your brand, to communicate the additional value of your brand (customer-focused) offensively and effectively (value-adding).